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Discounts and Additional Information


Tuition Discounts

  • $10.00/month tuition discount is given to families with more than one child attending Legacy Christian School.


  • 2% tuition discount is given for half-year tuition pre-payment (August-December or January-May).


  • 4.5% tuition discount is given to full-year tuition pre-payment (August-May).


  • Bethany and Ray Thomas Presbyterian members receive 10% tuition discount.

  • For any prepayment of tuition, there is no refund available as we are a non-profit and staff for the entire year based on enrollment.  


  • 6% tuition discount is given to families with 2 children attending Legacy Christian School. Contact admin for 3+ children attending Legacy Christian School

  • A 5.5% tuition discount is given to a full-year tuition prepayment (August to May).

  • A 3.5% tuition discount is given to half-year tuition prepayment (August to December or January to May). 

  • Bethany Church/Ray Thomas Presbyterian Families receive a 10% tuition discount. 

Total discounts per family not to exceed 10% 

General Information

  • Legacy Christian School classroom instruction hours are 9am - 1pm, Monday through Friday. ​

  • Legacy uses a carpool drop-off and pick-up process.  


  • School calendar aligns with Cobb County School Calendar, with the exception of the school start date, Good Friday holiday, and early release dates.  


  • Chapel is held weekly.


  • Our 4's, Young 5's and Kindergarten students will participate in Field Trips.  Permission forms will be supplied prior to all Field Trips.

Small Class Size

Legacy Christian School provides small class sizes for optimal student learning.  If classes are full, they will be led by two teachers.  If classes are not full, they will be led by one teacher with a part-time assistant based on enrollment.

2-year old classes - 10 children per class

3-year old classes - 14 children per 2 teachers

4-year old classes - 12 children per class

5's/Kindergarten -  12 children per 2 teachers



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