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Words from Parents

"The loving arms of these precious teachers feel like home to me and my three children. They have been the hands and feet of Jesus for my little ones. Whether jumping for joy, painting, or praying, they have taught academics while teaching my children to shine the light of the Lord."


- Hope W., Mom of three

Brightly Shining

Prayer Warriors 

"The Legacy teachers have truly impacted our lives for the better. My 4-year old and 2-year old were loved and prayed for during a very hard season of life. When my baby was in the hospital, these teachers stormed heaven's gates for her. They also maintained a sense of 'normalcy' for my kids while we were away. This dedication to their students and their students' families is one-of-a-kind. God has blessed our lives with these teachers and we are better because of it."

- Mom of two

"As a mom who learned to read using the phonics and biblically-based A Beka curriculum, this is what first drew me to Legacy Christian School.  The loving, encouraging teachers at Legacy provide an extension of what my husband and I have sought to provide our children at home:  well-rounded, sensitive children that are growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  I have tremendous peace of mind knowing that my children are learning in the most loving, academic, and play-based school environment in East Cobb. 

- Kelly T., Mom of two

Academic Excellence

"We chose this school for the academics and we fell in love with the staff. These women model Jesus' love on a daily basis. Our children have not just grown academically, but spiritually as well."


- Jennifer A., Mom of two


Spiritual Growth

"I never thought our family would find a preschool we loved as much as our former preschool in Charlotte, NC. But I knew the moment I met the Legacy teachers, we had found our second 'family'.  I trust these women implicity. Their daily commitment to nurture and develop my children is profound.  And truly, my boys love these teachers like I've never seen.  It's pretty remarkable to have two boys who actually WANT to go to preschool every day. That speaks volumes.  I am so grateful for this school and the way my boys have grown as a result."


- Lauri G., Mom of four

Our Second Family

"In selecting a preschool for my children, I focused on two priorities.  First, I wanted to find teachers and staff who sincerely loved working with children.  Second, I was looking for a school that had a proven academic philosophy ensuring my children would receive a quality education, both spiritually and academically.   After visiting and researching several schools in East Cobb, I chose Legacy Christian School based on the A Beka curriculum and the nurturing learning environment.  When my oldest child was assessed for entrance into Kindergarten, the evaluator stated my daughter clearly had attended a great preschool as she was already above her level academically."

- Lisa J., Mom of a four and six-year old


Proven Academic Philosophy

"A school is more than simply a building. A school is a philosophy and our school is a philosophy of learning and love. The love of learning and the love of children is evident in the faces of the teachers. This school is like an extension of my family and there is no where I'd rather be!"


- Mom of a four and

six-year old 


More than a Building

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